Play And Earn

"Play, Enjoy & Earn...!"


How to Play

Contains :

  • 4 Sets of 2 Coins for 4 Players.
  • Each player gets 2 Coins of Same Identification.
  • 5 Options in Spin Board : 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8. At a one movement any one will show randomly.
  • 5 x 5 Squares Board.
  • On Board Includes 5 Houses (4 Houses For 4 Players & Inner Most House For Winner Common House)
Goal :

To Reach all 2 Coins to Inner Most House.

Spin :

Once Click On “Start Spin” Spin Board Give You Result For “No. of Moves” on Board.

Player Screen :

  • Spin Board Result No.1 – Move 1 Square
  • Spin Board Result No.2 – Move 2 Squares
  • Spin Board Result No.3 – Move 3 Squares
  • Spin Board Result No.4 – Move 4 Squares & Play Again
  • Spin Board Result No.8 – Move 8 Squares & Play Again

How To Play :

  • Each player has different starting point & initially keeps all his coins there House (Marks By X).
  • Your location will be assigned automatically by system & showing your Aadhaar No.
  • Movement of all coins is in anti-clockwise direction in outer layer squares and then in clockwise direction in inner layer squares as shown by the arrow in the diagram.
  • First chance of Start Spin is managed as per waiting list those who are applied first for game. According to that Player No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 will be decided.
  • If any player’s coin lands on a square occupied by opponent’s coin, then the opponent’s coin is cut and goes to their own house.
  • The cut coin returns to its starting home square and has to go round all over again.
  • All 4 crossed squares (Houses) are safe places & nobody can cut opponent’s coins in any houses.
  • When a coin reaches the square left of its home square, it further moves up into the inner squares and now moves in clockwise direction. Each coin finishes its race when it manages to get into the innermost crossed square.
  • Once “Spin Board” declares the “No.” then you need to attempt your “Move” first then attempt next chance of your Turn.
  • According to above till last player this game is going on.
  • Out of 4 players any 3 players all coins reaches in the inner most squares before any last one opponents, they are winner.

Extra Turn :

  • Whenever “No.” Four or “No.” Eight is got during a Spin of “Spin Board”, the player gets a bonus turn to spin again.
  • When a player cuts opponent’s coin, he gets an extra turn to play.
  • During an extra turn, either the same coin or some other coin can be played.

Points To Remember :

  • Once your turn get start then you needs to click on Start Spin within 15 Sec. Otherwise turn will get pass to next player & your chance will get lapsed.
  • Once your Spin Board shows result then you need to Move your coins within 15 Sec. Otherwise turn will get pass to next player & your chance will get lapsed.
  • Nobody can cut yourself coin & player can move coins in same square which is already exist. (Means: In One Square Same Player Two Coins Can Be Placed). But opponent coin will be cut automatically.