:: Instruction ::


General Instructions :

  • Any “16+” Indians can get registered with us.
  • For Registration, (UID) Aadhaar Card No. is mandatory.
  • This game is played only on desktop pc & laptops. No mobile application is available.
  • User cannot create more than One ID for same person due to UID No.
  • Registration is free but if you want to play then your account should be refill with sufficient fund.
  • Hence At the time of registration you need to pay minimum Rs.1000/- & that amount will get reflect in you’re my earning tab immediately.
  • You can use your complete amount for game purpose.
  • This is only one of the game in which players wins in major numbers.
  • At a time only one game can be play by user. After won existing game then he can be move to another game screen.
  • At a time multiple game screen are going on the website.
  • Website server maintenance & back up time will be intimate before 1 Hr.

Technical Instructions :

  • To play the game at least 1 mbps internet speed is required.
  • In your desktop pc or laptop, updated flash player should be installed to run the game properly.
  • You can use any browser. For better performance, you can use Google Chrome.
  • Multiple logins are not allowed & multiple browser are also not allowed on the same PC.
  • Once you start the game & uncertainly there is disconnection of internet network then you will be considerd offline & your turn will get passed to next player.
  • Then you have to login again & you will be displayed online. Wait till your turn and you can start your game again.
  • Once your turn get start then you need to Start Spin within 15 Sec. Otherwise turn will get pass to next player & your chance will get lapsed.
  • Once your Spin Board shows result, you need to Move your coins within 15 Sec. Otherwise turn will get passed on to the next player & your chance will get lapsed.
  • For START SPIN & MOVE only one player is able to do at a time & rest of the three players accesses are freezed. Once, one player's turn is completed, chance goes to the next player.
  • Due to our any technical reason if you’re game discontinuous then we will declare as a “Cancelled Game”. You may check game status on your panel.

Payment Instructions :

  • Each game entry fee depends on the game category which will be deducted from your balance.
  • All 3 winner players will get their refund Entry Fee + 25% amount On Game Entry Fee as a Bonus Amount that immediately gets updated in their accounts.
  • You can withdraw your payment any time from your 'my earning' tab by sending payment request.
  • You can withdraw the amount which is above Rs.1000/-. Hence your balance may remain Rs.1000/- & also you may play the game any time.
  • Below Rs.1000/- amount you are not eligible to withdraw. You can take a chance to play the game for same amount as an entry fee as per game category.
  • All payment requests will get credited to respective bank accounts within 2 business days anyhow.
  • For each payment withdrawal Rs.20/- would be charged.
  • Due to any of our technical reason if your game discontinuous then we will refund your entry fee in your account within 2 business day.

Leaving Player Policy :

  1. Due to technical reason if any player goes offline before the game ends then he would be declared as a “Leaving Player”.
  2. 2. But he can come online before the game ends up & can start playing game till wherever he had reachedand will continue to play.
  3. “Leaving Player” Policy :
  • If both the coins are on the outer layer of the screen & player goes offline then he would be declared as a “Leaving Player-O” (LEVO).
  • If out of two coins, one coin reached in the inner layer & another coin on the outer layer at this situation player goes offline and he would be declared as a “Leaving Player-I” (LEVI).
  • If both the coins are in inner layer & player goes offline then he would be declared as a “Leaving Player-I” (LEVI).
  • At the last movement only two players are playing & if any one of them goes offline then he would be declared as a “Leaving Player” (LEV).
  1. Only For “Leaving Player-O” (LEVO) will get 75% amount refund on game entry fee, only in one below condition.
  • If any player's both the coins are located on outer layer in any square of the screen then only refund will be approved & will get updated in your account within 2 business days.
  1. 5. On the game screen last two players are not applicable for “LEVO” & “LEVI” criteria mentioned as above & also not eligible for any kind of refund.
  • “LEV” Players are not eligible for any kind of refund.